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Colony Collapse Disorder Solution

Hank Beckmeyer
La Clarine Farm & Vineyard
Somerset, CA

“I keep several bee hives in my vineyard to help promote bio-complexity, which leads to a healthier ecosystem for my vines (and me as well). Since using the Wholistic™ sprays on my hives, they’ve been noticeably more robust – we haven’t lost one since. That’s quite an improvement to previous seasons, where we’d lose one or two hives every winter. Even the feral colonies we have around here seem stronger. I can highly recommend these sprays, even if you’re just a ‘backyard’ beekeeper, like me.”

Jacqueline Freeman
Teacher. “Bees: The Other Way”
Friendly Haven Farm
Battle Ground, WA

“I went into winter with five hives, all collected from swarms in spring 2007. Over the winter I lost two of them. I’d noticed decreased activity in two hives and wasn’t surprised I lost them, although watching a hive decline is particularly painful. I also noticed another hive looked sluggish and I was afraid I was going to lose that one, too. Then in January a hive’s roof blew off in a storm. The comb got totally soaked. In the Pacific Northwest this would usually be the death knell for a hive because our constant dampness won’t let a moisture-laden hive dry out.

Patti Pitcher, Beekeeper
Snoqualmie, WA

“In a time when we are all worried for our bees, I have watched mine thrive using Wholistic™ Agriculture’s CCD kit. The hives we tend are doing beautifully. They are filled so much honey it astounds me. When I look into each hive I see the bees radiating an obvious vibrant state of health; but, what is even more exciting to me is how well the wild hives are doing. This year our two wild honeybee hives multiplied and turned into three thriving hives. And our native bee populations are doing well too. I saw them increase in numbers this year, compared to a decrease last year before I started doing the CCD Solution.”


“I opened up one of my hives the other day (one that I have been using the CCD Solution Kit on)…my goodness it was a hopping place of liveliness. Very busy and happy bees!”